2015-2016 News Student Life — 27 April 2016

By Uriel Dario Lopez-Velazquez

OAKLAND – On April 7, at Oakland High School, Culinary Club had a meeting wherethey baked cheesecake in an attempt to refine their cooking skills, despite a lack of participation in the club, according to the club president Isabella Lawrence.

At the beginning of the year Culinary Club had around 25 members that would usually attend the club meetings, but now the amount of members has decreased to around 7 people. According to Tamia Proctor, a club official, only a few people actually help cook.

“There used to be way more people at the beginning of the year,” said Lawrence. “Now it’s just usually us.”

The lack of participation is not exclusive to Culinary Club, rather it is prevalent in many clubs around the school. BuildOn, for example, is a club at Oakland High which at the beginning of the year received many applications to join, but when it comes to the actual services the people who attend are only a small portion of the applicants.

The epidemic that has been going on at Oakland High is the loss of participation. It is not simply a lack of attendance, it’s also that the students simply do not participate as they did before.

“Why did they bring their friends?” asked Proctor, referring to club members who are not participating. “They’re not going to help.”

The students that do not participate also tend to bring along with them people who dawdle. According to Proctor, these students take up space and are too loud, causing a distraction to the participants in the club.

Lawrence and Proctor both expressed their appreciation for the people who help cook. Both stated, “I’m glad they at least help,” while referring to the students who assisted in the preparation of the food. “It’s just us few doing the work.

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