2015-2016 — 29 April 2016

By: Destiny Dunwood

San Francisco- Friday April 8th 2016, College Track Oakland brought two Oakland High students to the Marriot in San francisco to the 100 black women Madam CJ walker Luncheon .

College track is an academic after school program that advocates for high school students to  be successful in and out of college. Their program paid for two students , Destiny Dunwood and Miracle williams as well as a staff member Ashley Allison to participate in the Madam C.J. Walker luncheon. This year was the luncheons 18th annual and majority of the guest were African American.

“You see you guys, this is like a event full of black successful business women, I encourage you to introduce yourself and start networking.” excitedly explained Ashley Allison the student life director at College Track . As we continued walking observing the area before we took our seats , she added, “ Everyone here has made their way to the top ad are a part of businesses you wouldn’t think to be here, people from at&t and microsoft and they are all here because they support african american accomplishments.¨

The event is annual and happens in multiple cities to honor hard working successful African American  women. Showing their leadership capabilities , according to the National Coalition of 100 black women, they are “committed to providing programs that increase the participation of African American women in their communities”.

According to NAACP legal defence fund article on African American girls , African American girls aspire to be leaders more than any other group of girls. In fact, “53 percent of African American girls surveyed expressed a desire to be leaders as compared to 50 percent of Hispanic girls and 34 percent of Caucasian girls.42 African American girls were also the most likely group of girls to consider themselves to be leaders (75 percent), and the most likely to have leadership experience (78 percent).”

“Well behaved women do not make a change.”said  Deborah Martin Chase, a motion picture producer and the event’s keynote speaker . “Just remember that”

This event taught those two Oakland High students that  African American women to take control of their lives and make something out of themselves.

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