2014-2015 Slider Student Life — 04 June 2015
Spring with no sing

By Allison Truong

Glee Club is a very fun and well-known club at Oakland High School. The Winter Showcase was a success and for their second showcase, the Spring Showcase, was scheduled for Friday, May 29.

Sadly, on the night of Tuesday, May 26, the club’s sponsor, teacher Amy Dellefield, announced that there was going to be no Spring Showcase because there were too many people over-booking and there were no available places to perform this spring.

Dellefield also noted that auditions for next year’s club will be held after school on Monday, June 1.

Among the 50 students or so in the Glee Club, the overall reactions weren’t very positive to the announcement. Although they basically knew they weren’t prepared for the showcase, because the officers never held meetings, the members were still saddened. Some people may have been relieved that they didn’t have to perform, but from the people I interviewed, the responses were crestfallen.

“I was pretty disappointed that there’s not a second showcase this year,” said freshman Terri Tu. “But there’s always next year.”

Although there will always be a next year for the club, that isn’t the case for every club member. You can only participate in the Glee Club at Oakland High School if you attend Oakland High, but many of the Glee Club members are seniors and soon to be off to college.

“Being a senior, I wasn’t too affected by the cancelled showcase since I have many other responsibilities I have to take care of,” said senior Ericson Sandoval, who had a leading role in the Winter Showcase. “I didn’t have much prepared, but I know we were planning on doing a back-to-the-future themed showcase!”

There won’t always be a next time, but it seems to be all right. We can always hope for a Spring Showcase next year!


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