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Modern but mediocre

‘Unfriended’ attempts a new spin on horror

By: QiSheng Zhu

Unfriended, a highly-anticipated horror movie that came out on April 17, revolves around a group of teenagers, a Skype chat, and a phantom avenger.

An embarrassing video of a teenager was posted and she killed herself because of the bullying after. Her ghost goes on a revenge mission and hacks a Skype group chat of the suspects that may have posted the video of her.

The movie was a cliche revenge movie with a bit of twist; however, the twist wasn’t that unexpected. The thing that was different was that the movie’s setting. Instead of a story where a bunch of kids wander into a haunted house and get themselves killed, the film instead sets the revenge inside of a famous social media platform, Skype.

“I thought the movie was stupid,” said freshman Jade Hammond. “Why didn’t anyone just leave their house [to get away from the computer]?”

People had mixed feelings for the movies. However, it was definitely something new and different from most of the horror movies. I’m not sure if it lived up to its hype to being the scariest movie of 2015,  but if you want to see something new in the genre of horror then you should watch it.

“The movie was weird,” said freshman Terri Tu. “It wasn’t that scary, just a lot of pop-ups.”

I give Unfriended a rating of C because it isn’t very scary for some people, but it is a breath of fresh air. Don’t watch this movie if you don’t want to see a horror movie that revolves around technology.

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