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Jason Derulo’s great return

By Terri Tu

On May 29, Jason Derulo came back with a follow-up after Talk Dirty, releasing his sixth album called Everything is 4. This new album includes songs that feature artists including Meghan Trainor, Julia Michaels, Jennifer Lopez, and many more.

Jason Derulo is a singer-songwriter who also writes songs for other artists such as Lil Wayne, Cassie, and Sean Kingston.

“Want to Want Me,” “Trade Hearts,” “Try Me,” and “Painkiller” are probably the top songs that I heard the most about from this album.

When I first heard “Want to Want Me,” I thought this song was another version of “Shut up and Dance” by Walk the moon, because they both seem to belong in the ‘80s. It sounded too retro for me.

Listening to “Try Me” and “Painkiller” reminds me of the past; it brings back memories of when I started listening and dancing to music after school in elementary school. Both songs sound really fun, because the beats are bouncy, it makes you feel like you want to jump in and dance with it.

If I had to pick a favorite, my favorite song from Everything is 4 would be “Trade Hearts” featuring Julia Michaels because I found this song far more outstanding than the other songs in the album. Jason Derulo fits more into this song because he’s more in the R&B genre and so is this song.

To those who love R&B, hip-hop, and pop songs, I recommend that you listen to Jason Derulo’s new album. To those who hate Jason Derulo, don’t talk to me nor listen to this album.

My overall grade is an A- because this new album reminds me of his first debut album. Everything is 4 is such a nice addition to his discography. However, I didn’t like how this album is a mix of hip-hop, pop, and R&B; in my opinion, the tracklist should be based on one genre.

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