2014-2015 Student Life — 04 June 2015

By Star Guerra

Oakland High School’s 2014-15 school year is coming to an end very soon. Seniors are stressing, getting their senior projects done and getting ready for graduation. But what about college?

How important is college?

“I think a college education is important,” said Carlos Padilla, Oakland high school academic counselor. “I think students with more education come out more marketable.”

Students with more education turn out more successful. Chris Blake of Demand Media wrote, “As technology advances, higher-paying jobs that were once available to high school graduates now require some form of higher education.”

When asked how many students from Oakland High actually go to college, Padilla said, “I would say probably 80-90%, whether it’s a community college or a four-year school.”

According to a 2014 article by Rebecca Klein on the Huffington Post, “Two-thirds of those who do not end up enrolling in college believed during high school that college was in their futures, but realities like the high price of college often impeded this goal.”

College is the key to a successful future. People with a college education often have more benefits, including a higher income. The price tag on college definitely makes it much harder to go for some students. With high prices on colleges, students can’t afford it and end up not going even if they wanted to.

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