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Cimorelli on fire in latest EP

By Libby Chuong

Cimorelli’s seventh Extended Play, Hearts on Fire was released on May 22. The EP is all acoustic.

Cimorelli is a singing pop girl group that consists of the six Cimorelli sisters, Christina, Katherine, Lisa, Amy, Lauren, and Dani, who range in age from 14 – 24 years old and are from Sacramento, CA. All the girls excepted Dani started the group in 2007, where they recorded covers of popular songs and posted them on Youtube every few weeks. In 2008, they dropped their first EP. In 2010, their youngest sister Dani joined the band.

They got signed with Universal Music’s Island label. Then, released their CimFam EP in December 2011. They now have six other EPs.

Hearts on Fire starts out with the powerful title song, “Hearts on Fire,” that let fans in to the deepest part of their hearts and moments that stay with them. This song causes the sisters to come together and tell each other their deepest secrets. When Christina sings, “With our hearts on fire, we lit up the night, left our fears behind. Running for our lives, like we never die,” it makes you want to run very fast.

Then it goes to a little upbeat song “I’m a Mess,” about being a mess around someone they love/like. As the EP goes on, it starts back up with a song called “Before October’s Gone,” about the guy they liked moving on before October, but not telling letting them know. The moment Dani sings, “Maybe sometimes things just have to end, maybe sometimes there’s no explaining it,” it was emotional, it’s the part where you just want to cry and let your feelings out.

They added songs like “Good Enough” that make your emotions go all over the place because the song is about terrible things that keep happening; the singers ask why it keeps happening to them, and if they are not good enough. As you listen to this song you can hear the piano playing. They gives this emotional tone when Lisa sings, “Is there any way I’ll ever be good enough?”

The EP continues with a sad song, “A Lot like Love,” about being in a relationship that isn’t right, but it feels right. As you listen to this, you will understand their feelings by the way they are expressing it. The EP ended with a song called “Someone to Chase,” about someone chasing you, but not because they want to be with you. It was because they just wanted someone to chase.

After listening to this EP I feel very emotional because most of the songs were personal and sad. I also feel very proud because it took them a long time to get where they are and put out a whole EP that is very personal to them. One of my favorite song off the EP is “I Like It” because it is the most pop, upbeat, and catchy song of the EP. It is also because it includes three different instruments and is about liking a guy and the guy liking them back which made them happy.

I give this EP an A because it is good to listen if you are feeling down and want to be alone for awhile. It is also because Cimorelli let their fans get to know them a little bit more better by sharing some more personal stories and songs.

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