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Best seller game gets a special edition


By Rodolfo Sanchez


Devil May Cry is one of my favorite game series of all times. The DMC franchise is the hardest difficulty-level game series that Capcom has ever released. My godfather introduced me to the franchise in the summer of 2008 with Devil May Cry 4. It was difficult for me to play in devil-hunter mode (normal mode); I had never played the first three games that came out before so I had to play in human mode (easy mode) to get the idea of the enemies’ moves and how to play.


Speaking of DMC 4, Capcom is making a Special Edition of DMC 4. Nothing will be changed, especially the characters’ models, since Capcom learned their mistake from DMC: Devil May Cry where they changed the Dante character model. The original Dante had white hair and was a half demon and half human while the new model has black hair and is half-demon, half-angel. Since DMC 4 is one of my favorite games, I swore to myself that I will burn the company for ruining my childhood if they change anything in the Special Edition like what they did to DMC: Devil May Cry because I played DMC 4 throughout my summer in 2008 and it was awesome.


Back to the topic, the Special Edition will only make minor changes to DMC 4. The game will have improved gameplay and adding a new mode call Legendary Dark Knight where a bunch of enemies appears in places where they normally spawn, which is perfect for improving your gameplay and creating new combos that can be broken.


New characters will be playable in this edition. DMC 4 SE also includes original characters Nero and Dante from the original game, a demon named Trish from DMC 1, a woman named Lady (she doesn’t like her original name Mary) from DMC 3, and Dante’s brother Vergil from DMC 3.


I’m not sure if the characters will affect the story, but if they do I would like to fight Vergil when I play Nero, because Nero found Vergil’s broken sword Yamato, restored it with his demon power, and used it for himself. It will be awesome if the player can fight Vergil just for him to see if you’re worthy to wield the power of Yamato like what Dante did in the original game.


The release date of the game is June 18 in Japan and June 23 for other regions. I will see if there are any improvements in this edition have and compare it to the original game. Since there’s five playable characters, there will be more fun and even more gameplay action.


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