Slider — 27 May 2015
Local boys make good

Trill Youngins gain well-deserved fame

By Kindashza Crosby

Wildcat freshmen were introduced to a local musical group at the Field Day on May 15. Trill Youngins is a group of males from Oakland who make hip-hop and R&B music. They have come out with a lot of music, but recently they won the KMEL contest to play their new single “I Look Fly.” Their single “I Look Fly” on is under the Nextbigthing section.

Trill Youngins’ music is catchy and a lot of people like it. I feel their music is catchy because they don’t only have rapping in their music; they do a little R&B and hip-pop.

Trill Youngins have also rapped with the group “Doughboys.” They mostly do their music together. Youtube comments under their single “Post To Be” include, “Love it!!!,” “Ya’ll go,”  “This a slapper.” This shows that people love their music and more people in the industry should listen to their music.

Trill Youngins’ beats catch people’s attention with their bass and rhythm to it. Now all of these Trill Youngins have their own style, and do most of their music by themselves. One of these artists is Masson Flowers, better know as “Young Sonnie.” Young Sonnie solo music is Rap.

Young Sonnie just recently came out with a single called “Trill Love.” Trill love is a love song with its own style. A mellow song but it has some base. His single featured the vocalist Dreezy. Youtube comments on his single, “Trill love” include, “Trill love is my song,” and “Ayy doin it for Oakland.” This youtube post got 21,281 views. From everything their fans say, Trill Youngins make good music.

I recommend that more people listen to Trill Youngins, and that the industry pay more attention to these guys. You can obviously see from their youtube comments people love their music.  I give their single “I Look Fly” a grade of A. All in all, I give Trill Youngins as a group a grade of A-.

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