2014-2015 — 12 May 2015
New “Insidious” promises more scares

By QiSheng Zhu

Insidious 3 will come out in theaters on June 5, and what can we expect? From the first two Insidious films I’ve seen, you can expect a lot of jump scares. The previous Insidious movie had me jumping up and screaming every five minutes. You can expect a lot from the upcoming Insidious movie.


Insidious directors are like all horror-movie directors; they set you up before getting to the scary pop-ups. What separates Insidious and other horror movies is the plot twists that they use like killing off a family member or who you thought was the main character. Never expect a happy ending from Insidious.


Insidious doesn’t use creepy music but instead uses happy and catchy music. However, the happy and catchy music mixed with the scenes and settings of the movie will give you goose bumps. The sound of Insidious is extremely on point and eerie.


People that have seen the first two Insidious films loved them or hated them because the scary movies made them wet themselves. The actors, like Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne, who were in the first two films, give a very good portrayal of a normal family. Anyone who wants to be shocked and scared a little should watch this movie because of the good pop-ups and jump scares. The third film appears to take a similar direction as the other two, seeing as the trailer revolves  around a family like the previous Insidious films. However, there was no catchy music in this trailer.


“I rate [Insidious 1] a 7 out of 10,” said Oakland Tech freshman Francisco Tran. “I liked it when they hit me with that plot twist.”


“Insidious was my first horror movie,” said Tech student Steven Nguyen. “Ever since then I loved horror movies.”


Insidious is an amazing horror movie series; I rate them an A. If you want to jump up and scream I highly recommend it. Don’t watch it if you have heart problems.



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