2014-2015 Slider Student Life — 08 May 2015
Mystery places at Oakland High

by Jose Gutierrez

Have you ever wondered what those mystery places at Oakland High hold? Well, no more worries, the Oakland Aegis has you covered.

 For those that were wondering all about those weird-looking boxes on campus, here are some things you would like to hear.

First the blue shed by the field: Assistant principal Anisa Rasheed said that the shed holds equipment that our very own Wildcats use to get their training, so that O-High can declare victory. The teams on the campus that use the equipment are the football, baseball, and softball teams.

 People also wondered about the brown shed by the Wong building.

According to Rasheed, the mysterious brown shed holds sanitizing supplies like paper towels and soap that cannot be held inside the building for the safety of the students on campus.

Are you a person with the idea of giving back to the earth by growing a garden at your school ? Oakland High has a space behind the Wong Building, that was being used for a garden by volunteers but was left alone after they were no longer available to to work on the space. One person who was in charge of the garden was Thom Reinhardt, a former O-High biology teacher. James McGrath, also a biology teacher, used to give a lending hand to the garden.

Unfortunately, in further investigation, McGrath said that the garden “was shut down by the school.” When asked why, McGrath responded “I really am not sure.”

Rasheed clarified that “the garden was technically not shut down; it was just that the people who were volunteering to keep the garden looking decent were no longer able to work on it because they were no longer working on the campus.”

When asked if there would be any future use of the garden, McGrath stated, “I really am not sure, but I hope they would have it up and running again.”



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