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Loving Hearts

By Libby Chuong

Future Hearts, a pop-punk album, is All Time Low’s sixth album and was released on April 3.

All Time Low consists of four guys named Alex Gaskarth (lead vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboards), Jack Barakat (lead guitar, vocals), Zack Merrick (bass guitar, vocals), and Rian Dawson (drummer), all of whom are all 26 or 27 years old and from Towson, Maryland. They started as a high school band in 2003, covering pop-punk bands like Blink-182.

In 2004, All Time Low signed to record label Emerald Moon Records and released their debut EP The Three Words to Remember in Dealing with the End. Then, the band released their debut album The Party Scene, in July 2005. In 2006, before graduating high school, All Time Low got another record deal with Hopeless Records. They now have five EPs, five studio albums, and one live album.

Future Hearts starts out with a slow beat and guitar melodies song, “Satellite,” about broken dreams and trying to forget the past, but still having a bright future. When Gaskarth and Merrick sing, “We were just kids, we were just kids singing,” you want to start singing along because it is very catchy.

After that the album goes to a very punkish and rock-and-roll instrumental song, “Kicking and Screaming,” where you can hear a lot of the drums in the beginning of the song. In this song the lyrics, “I’m chasing after rock and roll,” fit with the genre.

They added songs like “Missing You,” that slow down the upbeat and instrumental album. This song is a song that helps people who wants to give up on their life or going through a bad time to not give up and reassures them that someone will always be there. As the album goes on, it starts back up with a romantic track,”Cinderblock Garden,” about the struggles of keeping things together through hard times, but still holding out because the future is very important.

The album also includes a groovy rock collaboration song “Bail Me Out (feat. Joel Madden),” about overlooking somebody’s flaws and helping them in times of need. This is very catchy and makes you want to dance along and sing along to the chorus, “Would you bail me out if I need it?”

The album ends with a very powerful and thrashy metal track, “Old Scars/Future Hearts.” This track makes you very tired after dancing along to the beat. This is very powerful because it draws people to the dance floor.

After listening to this album, it made me feel very good, energetic, and tired. It made me all of those things because it is an album you can dance and singing along with your friends to, since it is very pop punk with a little rock. One of my favorite songs is “Runaways” because it is very catchy and I like the part when Gaskarth sings the chorus, “So let’s run away, they will have to find another heart to break…”

I give this album an A because it gives me a lot of emotions that are good. It shows that the band’s sound is improving.

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