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“Elsword” holds up in Season 3

By Terri Tu

Many Oakland High students enjoy playing the game Elsword. Elsword is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed by a South Korean company called KoG Studios in 2007.

The Elsword NA (North America) server was released in 2011. The North America’s server Elsword’s fourth server. South Korea gets more updates faster than Elsword NA since Korea actually created the game first. NA players usually have to wait more than five months to catch up with the updates and with other servers like Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Japan.

Elsword includes ten characters; the first three characters released way back in the making of Elsword were the 13-year-old swordsman Elsword, the 15-year-old magician Aisha, and the elf marksman Rena. Characters who later joined Elsword were Eve, Raven, Chung, Ara, Elesis, and Lu/Ciel. All of the characters have a background story on how they first joined the El Search Party.

Elsword also includes villages (battle arenas), where the characters are able to fight. The characters are also able to rest in these villages. Elsword has currently nine villages, each with its own background story about how the villains from the village destroyed the El Search Party and the main leader, the El Crystal.

I think Elsword is such a great game, I’ve been playing it since Season 1 in 2012. It was probably the first game I played when my strict parents began to allow me to play games. Throughout my whole experience playing Elsword, it has been really fun for me; I met a lot of friends along the way too.

Whoever loves role-playing and fighting, I’ll recommend that you play this game! But to those who can’t handle this hate and attitude that will be thrown from players, you should not play this game.

To be honest, there are a lot of people who can easily get offended and mad about a win or loss in Elsword. I find it pretty stupid but I’ll ignore the poor sportsmanship because I’m sure they didn’t mean to cause any trouble just because of the game, so my overall grade is a B+.

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