Slider Student Life — 27 May 2015
Consider Cantonese Club

By Shihua Liu


It is almost the end of the school year, and many students haven’t joined any clubs; New students might feel as though it’s difficult to choose what kind of club they should join next year. Cantonese Club is a club for English learners or people that like to learn about the Chinese culture.


Cantonese Club is a cultural club that helps express the Chinese culture, said club president Biheng Chung, a senior. The Cantonese club usually has meetings to discuss fundraisers and how they could improve their club. These meetings, which are held in Cantonese, will also help Cantonese learners speak Cantonese more fluently.


The Cantonese Club always participates in fun events like the OHS Chinese New Year dinner. They also had a car-wash fundraiser during summer, and they sell a lot of food during lunch in the Commons.


You used to have to pay a $5 fee before joining this club, but this year, they reduced the price to $3.


In this club, you will make friends that share the same interests as you and you can learn more Cantonese.

The Cantonese teacher, Leon Chen, is the adviser of Cantonese club. Students who want to join the club or have any questions about the club should contact him at room 227.

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