Slider Student Life — 07 May 2015
Poly Club Introduces New Culture

By Raven Gann

The Poly Club took the stage at Oakland High School on Tuesday, April 28, when they performed elegant dances from various cultures such as Hawaiian, Fijian and Tongan to demonstrate the various dances  in the  Polynesian islands.

Students from Fremont and Castlemont high schools joined members of the OHS club on stage for the two hour-long performances. This month, the dancers will perform at Castlemont.

Photos from the performance follow.

Poly Club 1

They start with a Hawaiian dance with a song similar to the one in the opening of  Lilo and Stitch. Photo credits: Senior, Raven Gann






poly club 2They then move to a dance that shows elegant hand movements to tell stories.Photo credits:Senior, Raven Gann.







Poly Club 3

Girls in white outfits rapidly shake their hips to pounding drums that make the crowd go wild. Photo credits: Senior Raven Gann


poly club 4

A Fijian dance demonstrates strength needed to go to war. It imitates battle movements as the dancers move across the stage. Photo credits: Senior, Raven Gann.





poly club 5







poly club 7 Poly Club ends their performance with the Haka which is a chant and dance to prove strength before war in the islands by sticking out their tongues and chanting loudly. It is now used to welcome travelers and tourists. Photo credits: Senior, Raven Gann






Poly club 6

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