2014-2015 Commentary — 24 April 2015

By Raven Gann

Busy Oakland High students scramble to get their lunch on campus but that’s all they do. Students do not have the proper amount of time to be able to get and eat their lunch on campus.

Students are only given thirty minutes to get their lunch and eat it. Since Oakland High has such a large population, it is difficult for students to be able to eat their lunch during lunch period, because they spend a lot of the time in line to get their lunch. 

“The lines are very crowded,” said senior Jean He Yu. “I have trouble being able to eat all of my lunch within the period.”

Often, students take their lunch into their fifth-period class to eat if their teachers allow it. This distracts them from their class work. Some teachers forbid eating food in the classroom, in which case, students are forced to throw away the food that they have not finished no matter how little they ate.

According to livestrong.com, if an individual regularly skips lunch then they also skip the protein, fiber, and vitamins needed to keeps them concentrated and focused.

Teachers say they are afraid that students will begin to ditch classes and start fights during a longer lunch. However, security guards are supposed to enforce rules and keep students out of trouble. If the security guards are doing what they are supposed to, then this should not be a problem. 

We must give students an additional thirty minutes for their lunch period in order for them to get and to eat their lunch.

Oakland High can compensate for  this extra time by adding time evenly through the six periods during the day. Longer classes mean that students will have more time to be able to understand the material and to ask questions.

“It would be nice to have extra time for lunch,” He Yu commented. “Although I don’t know how I feel about the longer school day. We already have a lot of work to do at home with Senior projects.”

To get our students more time to consume lunch we must demand time from the school. If this  is ineffective then we must contact the district to get more lunch time.

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