Romantic tradition continues in “Cinderella”

By Shihua Liu

People always turn folk tales into more fantastic and watchable movies. Even though the beginning and the ending are the same as the folk tale that they know and can even memorize it, they still love it.

This is the case for the new movie of Cinderella, which was released on March 13. It is a movie that’s similar to the folk tale Cinderella, or The Little Glass Slipper.

The movie Cinderella is kind of long and blurry to me because the version I was watching was blurry, but it’s also acted with detail so that doesn’t bother me.

What makes this movie special is that Cinderella (Lily James) had met the prince (Richard Madden) before in the forests and they had already fallen in love with each other before the ball. I also feel that this Cinderella is different from other Cinderellas when she wears her mom’s dress, not a new dress, to the palace ball to see the prince. This make me think that Cinderella cares about her mom more than how she looks in the palace ball which is a ball where every girl wants to show all their beauty in it.

I didn’t really like the idea of changing a folk tale like that because folk tales are a history lesson and the movie makes it more romantic, which lets people ignore the lessons the Cinderella might be trying to express. I still like it because it give us a feeling that folk tales are realistic and romantic.

Cinderella, also called Cenerentola was originally an Italian folktale. At first was written by Giambattista Basile in Napoli. It was later repeated an earlier role, along with other Basile’s tales.
I give the new movie Cinderella an A because I just somehow like this type of movie which is romantic. I also suggest kids to watch it because kids like fairy tales and good endings and they can also learn the life lesson that good things come to those who are kind and courageous. It’s a good movie that is worthwhile to watch.

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