2014-2015 Slider — 20 April 2015
Recycling in Oakland High

By: QiSheng Zhu

Some students in Oakland High School  have been noticing that people don’t recycle properly. Students and even teachers have been throwing trash into the recycling bins, and principal Matin Abdel-qawi has been trying to get kids to recycle properly.


According to recycling advocates, recycling is a good way to keep our Earth healthy and we can start off even in schools. If we can keep the school clean and healthy they will spread it in their community and so on.


”I think recycling is a good way to reduce and reuse,” said Environmental Science Academy senior Caiyun Yu. ”It helps the environment be more green.”


Recycling is beneficial to Oakland High because it keeps the school grounds clean. Many students have witnessed objects like pants, wrappers, and more on the school grounds.


“Kids know what recycling is but they are just too lazy and just don’t care,” said English teacher Jennifer Jones.


During lunch time in Oakland High, staff members and students have been trying to get kids to recycle by putting out crates for empty milk cartons and such. They also have been patrolling the cafeteria to make sure students recycle.


“The teachers have taught us to think about the world’s future and how much we are wasting,” said ESA senior Evelio Banegas, who helps with lunchtime recycling.


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