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Gimme a V!

OHS Cheer Squad makes cuts for 2015-2016 season

By Allison Truong


2014-2015 Cheer squad performs at the Fall Rally. Image credit: Raven Gann

2014-2015 Cheer squad performs at the Fall Rally. Image credit: Raven Gann

Oakland High’s annual cheerleading tryouts week occurred in the week of March 30. During the actual tryouts, which happened on Friday, April 3, students competed for about 18 available spots on next year’s squad.

Throughout the week of cheerleading, there was a set schedule and rules that Coach Desiree Turner and cheerleaders had to abide by. For example, the people trying out could not get any help on the cheers or the dance after the practice times.

On Monday, March 30, and Wednesday, April 1, girls and boys lined up in rows of five fully attentive and dressed to learn the four cheers being taught by a few cheerleaders and Turner. On Thursday, everyone was taught the dance routine to the song “College Drop” by Sage the Gemini. Finally, on Friday, the girls and boys received a number from Turner’s room and were randomly called in pairs to try out.

During tryouts, there were many hopeful, excited, nervous, anxious, and also annoyed beginners. From 3:30 until 6:00 on Friday afternoon, Turner and two former cheerleaders watched and scored beginners on their dances and cheers.

“They grade you on your smile, your energy, how clean you are with your moves, and your memorization,” said Armani Young, a sophomore cheerleader for the 2014 – 2015 year.

Students found it very difficult having to wait for their turn because the order was randomly chosen. According to Jasmine Fabia, a freshman who tried out for the squad, it is exasperating not to know when you have to go try out.

“Tryouts are very stressful, and it’s irritating waiting to be called up to perform,” Fabia says. “It’s also very nerveracking.”

Although Oakland High has never had boys on the cheerleading team before, it seems as though that’s going to change. Jonathan Pho, a junior, said that he wasn’t fazed whatsoever by being one of the very few boys trying out.

“I feel very ecstatic, a lot of adrenaline,” said Pho, who would go on to make the team, adding that “people are very supportive.”

Results from the cheer tryouts were announced through the daily announcements on Monday, April 13, and were also posted on Turner’s classroom door at lunchtime. The new cheer squad will include two boys. 

Congratulations to the following girls and boys who made the cut: Danielle Brown, Tanara Brown, Mae Cauilan, Faith Ewere, Tamelah Hardley, Jade Hershey-Brown, Saray Hunt, Amber Le, Kristy Moy, Brittney Moss, Angie Nanphosy, Roven Pascual, Jonathan Pho, Corlena Pollar, Malena Rim, Mikayla Smith, Jazmin Torres, and Allison Truong.

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