2014-2015 — 30 March 2015
Sex ED Week in OUSD

By QiSheng Zhu and Dennis Le

In the second week of March 2015, OUSD held a Sex Ed week. Oakland High participated in teaching Sex Ed to the freshmen.

Freshman English and Biology teachers taught Oakland High’s Sex Ed curriculum during the week. English teachers taught about how to communicate about sex, and Biology teachers taught the causes and effects of sex.


Biology teacher James McGrath said,” Once a year is fine,” meaning that he is okay with teaching Sex Ed once a year.


Biology teachers taught about safer sex. They taught freshmen how to use a condom on “Woody Day,” when students learn how to put condoms on wooden phalices  Furthermore,  they taught freshmen about the dangers of sex, including STDs and pregnancy.


English teachers taught the importance of communication and consent when it comes to sex. Sex without consent is considered rape.

During Sex Ed week, freshmen were also taught about where to find help about sex. For example, health clinics and parents can be good resources.


Freshman Shu Cheng Liao, a student in the Cheetah family’s Sex Ed class, said, “I found the pictures very interesting and I never knew there were different types of genitals.”


As he reflected on the unit, Biology teacher James McGrath said, “It was best when it was over.”  Furthermore, he said,” Students either liked it or hated it”.


Liao’s classmate Win Teavir, also a freshman, said, “ The class was pretty interesting and I learned a lot.”


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