2014-2015 Commentary Slider — 10 March 2015
Bambu does grass jelly right

By Terri  Tu and Shihua Liu

In the beginning of 2014, places in California had restaurants called Bambu Desserts & Drinks. What’s Bambu Desserts & Drinks? Bambu is a restaurant that sells all kinds of drinks and desserts with prices under $5!


Bambu Desserts & Drinks is best known for its items with grass jelly. Grass jelly is popular because it tastes really good with many drinks and desserts, and it is pretty chewy like tapioca, but it has flavors.


We sat down and discussed our feelings and opinions about what Bambu Desserts & Drinks offers.


TT: “In my opinion, my favorite dessert or drink in the Bambu Desserts & Drinks menu would be the ice covered avocado smoothie with the grass jelly and red tapioca. For me honestly, I really enjoy anything with avocado, especially with jelly and tapioca because it’s really delicious, chewy, and cold.”


SL: “In my opinion, my favorite dessert or drink in Bambu Desserts & Drinks would be the Bambu special. I think the mix flavored drink is kind of good, Bambu special has longan fruit in it, which is kind of too sweet. I also liked the basil seeds in that dessert because it tasted like nothing but jelly.”


TT: “Although the desserts, drinks and toppings are great, there is one thing that bothers me. My parents usually order me desserts with red beans in them, and red beans kind of disgust me because of the lack of taste. If I eat a dessert with only red beans, it would taste plain, like I would only taste the dessert itself.”


SL: “There were some things I didn’t like about the dessert. The pandan jelly in the Bambu Special tasted a bit nasty; the coconut with the pandan jelly was hard, it didn’t seem fresh.”


TT: “My recommendation is that you should go for tapioca and grass jelly, and not red beans! And also visit Bambu in the summer to have a cooldown with ice covered drinks and desserts. My grade is an A-.”


SL: “My grade is an A-, because some of the desserts are good but some of the jellies tasted weird. I suggest you get tapioca and not pandan jelly!”


Bambu Desserts & Drinks, 839 International Blvd.

(510) 663-4410, open 8:00AM-6:00PM

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