2014-2015 Slider Student Life — 11 March 2015
Freshmen choose academies

By Allison Truong and Libby Chuong

Over the few decades that academies have been going on in Oakland High School, there has been much disagreement about what academies and pathways to choose between students. Oakland High has singled out what subjects will provide students with a better future, like what subjects will create better careers.

On Friday, Feb. 27, one teacher from each academy and pathway talked to freshmen during their English or creative writing class in the theatre about their academy options for the rest of their years here. A way to introduce the new freshman to pathways and academies is the annual presentations. During the presentations, each academy and pathway had roughly five minutes to present the general idea of their pathway and academy.

Academies and pathways include the Visual Arts & Academics Magnet Program (VAAMP), the Environmental Science Academy (ESA), the Public Health Academy (PHA), the engineering pathway Project Lead the Way, and the Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) program.

image (1)

In this photo, Suzanne LeBaron, one of the Public Health Academy’s science teachers and director, presents to the freshman class about the perks of being in her academy. One of the benefits of being in PHA, says LeBaron, is that they give you practice with hand-on activities related to the medical field.

On Wednesday, March 4, Oakland High had an academies and pathways fair for freshmen to learn about all the academies and pathways. Some students from each academy and pathway represented their group and to talked to students about why you should join.

In her pitch, ESA senior Karen Lu said, “ESA likes to explore and travel more than staying inside the classroom.”


Freshmen learn about PHA in the library on March 4.


The VAAMP academy showed examples of students’ artwork.


Science teacher Kory Mildenberger fixes the 3D printer for the Engineering presentation.

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