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Bright spots shine in uneven dance performance

By Jake Kim


Senior Sherry Liang and other dancers perform in Charlotte Ritter’s Advanced Dance performance on Jan. 27, 2015. Image Credit: Raven Gann

Teacher Charlotte Ritter’s Advanced Dance class performed in the auditorium during periods 3 and 4 on January 29 for selected classes from the school.

The performance included nine ensemble dances, to music ranging from old folk music to R&B to the latest Top-40 hits.

The show began with a sultry, slow R&B song with dancers in black and purple attire. It was a decent start to the show; the dancers entered with synchronized and fluent movements. Senior Lily Saephan stood out for her charisma, fluidity, and timing. Once in a while, she would smize at the audience, captivating our attention. Juniors Jonathan Pho, Malena Rim, and Corlena Pollar also attracted attention for their subtle moves and effortless body movement.

The strengths were the cultural dances choreographed by Ritter and one of her students that brought out a Japanese song with a dance that incorporated Asian dance techniques, including some from Korean K-pop based though. The dancers wore red and white while the lead dancer wore a Japanese kimono.

From dances to slow rap and love songs with heavy drums to Ariana Grande’s latest hit, the show was nothing special. The Ariana Grande “Love Me Harder” choreography was very slick and tight, making the audience holler with appreciation for choreographer Pho, who brought some entertainment to the show.

Halfway during the show I was a bit disappointed when a dancer came onto stage with her skirt not on and had to hold it with one hand continually and made a couple faces before the song started which took away from the performance. As a performer in last year’s dance show, I know how hectic it is to change but a dance or two seems like more than enough time to change in between especially for light clothes. Although she looked mad during the performance I applaud her for not running off stage; she continued to dance.

Since I’m sure the dancers had months to practice, I was still disappointed that some of them were tripping slightly or forgetting the moves. One person continually kept looking at others for guidance for the next dance move, which was irritating because it showed that that person did not practice enough or take the show seriously enough to Ritter’s expectations to study and perform the dance without guidance.

Nearing the end of the show the dancers performed to the song “Who You Are” by Jessie J, which impressed me because I wasn’t expecting such an emotional and lyrically beautiful song from high school students. Senior Jasmine Douglas moved fluidly with the beat and put tons of emotions into her movements. I was greatly impressed with her efforts in the dance and the whole show because each dance she was in she nailed, she didn’t forget any of the moves or look at others for guidance, and she worked magnificently.

The last dance was a vibrant conclusion to the performance, with dancers wearing tie-dyed outfits. It was a strong emotional dance and it looked amazing. Senior Sherry Liang looked especially powerful in this dance with sharp moves and great storytelling from the whole team. It ended powerfully with all dancers facing center stage and holding hands up high.


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