2014-2015 Commentary Slider — 10 February 2015
Better police policies will reduce racism

By QiSheng Zhu

Racism is a huge issue in America–no, the whole world. People of color are mostly the victims of racism. There are different types of racism. from jokes that make fun of people to the racism that limits people from earning more or getting treated fairly.racismOakland is known to be segregated. Many racial slurs are used every day. Statistically, the  people of color are poorer, on average, than the white people, and they also get paid less. Many of the white people live in places in the hills that are expensive and nice according to US Census data, and many people of color live in poorer neighborhoods. According to Alameda Public Health Department, kids of color are more 2.5 times more likely to have asthma because the parts of Oakland they are living in are more likely to be polluted and poor.

An Oakland firefighter was stopped by a police officer in August 2014 when he and his son were trying leave a dark building. According to the firefighter, who is black, the white police officer was in a shooting stance, and the firefighter felt threatened.. However the unarmed police officer was proven innocent. This shows that sometimes the victim could be wrong and the police could be innocent.

Still, the people that want to be paid the same amount and get the same treatment can’t because the system is messed up. The system is a set of unspoken rules that we live by.

How long will it take for the system to change? Maybe it won’t ever change. You can’t possibly stop all the racism because it is everywhere and people joke about it. However, people are trying to change it little by little, starting off by changing the police.

“The world is messed up to begin with, it isn’t going to change with just a little protest,” said Oakland resident ShuCheng Liao.

Even if the police department adopts new policies, it is only an atom compared to the other problems we have. Still, even though it might be a small step, new police policies will mean people will start noticing all the flaws that we have in our system.

In the future if we ever get to see the day where there isn’t any racism, that’ll be the day the whole world changes. People will be treated fairly and be paid the same amount. Our children will have a better future and how much money they make won’t be affected  by ethnicity.

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