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‘Rebel Heart’ isn’t art that will chart

By Jake Kim

Madonna purposely leaked six songs from her new album “Rebel Heart” to get some attention, fame, and publicity to her everlasting yet diminishing career. She is trying to make people buy her album and make it known, no matter what the cost to her musical reputation. Her full album comes out in March and it looks like sales predictions for her new album are low for this so-called legend.

She talks in the song along with Nicki Minaj during the chorus “Bitch I’m Madonna” and she attempts to bring back overused beats that have been sampled plenty of times by old and new producers. She tries to appeal to younger audiences–especially teens and tweens. Her songs are really bad and she seems like a puppet. The music is old and overused, just like her career if she doesn’t get her act together.

She uses heavy synths to make younger kids appeal and buy her music and simplified lyrics that other writers wrote for her.

She also has deep drum beats, trying to go for an electronic sound. Her album is most likely going to flop and have low record sales. She is trying too hard as she raps and is leaving her high standards as an artist. If Madonna is giving us this half of the album and says the rest is going to be just like the first half, she should be afraid for her career because it looks like fans are not digging the “new material.”

As she tries to pander to young kids, she swears constantly and talks about the Illuminati, the devil, and how she is trying to brainwash her young audience into worshipping the devil. All of this is ludicrous.

Based on the “leaks,” you should not buy this album. It’s terrible, generic, not written by herself, shows no emotions, brainwashes, and uses devil worship as a cheap trick. It’s just not something somebody should listen to, because it’s just generic trash she is selling to stay relevant in this ever changing music industry. Labels nowadays want to sell, even if it means demeaning her career. This album is just for mindless followers of Madonna who will buy anything she makes.

I give this album an F. If you want a new version of Madonna go buy some Lady Gaga.

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