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2014-2015 Arts Slider — 16 January 2015
Lively LIVESOS worth listening to

By Libby Chuong

LIVESOS is 5 Seconds of Summer’s first live album and came out on Dec. 15, 2014. It is a pop punk/pop rock album. It was recorded around the world during their shows at different venues like at The Forum at LA. The album is very upbeat and energetic.

5 Seconds of Summer also known as 5SOS consists of four guys named Luke Hemmings (lead vocals, guitar), Calum Hood (vocals, bass guitar), Michael Clifford (vocals, guitar), and Ashton Irwin (vocals, drummer), all of whom are 18-20 years old and from Australia. Hemmings, Hood, and Clifford went to the same school together, and Clifford knew Irwin. They formed their band in 2011 when Hemmings started to post covers on YouTube, and Clifford piqued an interest in what Hemmings was doing. Then Hood, Clifford’s best friend, joined in too. Finally, in December of 2011 they were joined by Irwin, and then the band was formed.

They gained a small fan base by 2012, but they rose in fame when they got invited to One Direction Take Me Home Tour in 2013. In 2013 they signed to Capitol Records. They also have four others EPs and a self-titled debut album.

LIVESOS starts out with their oldest song, “18,” played live. As we listen, we can hear the fans screaming and anxiously waiting for 5SOS to hit the stage. If you listen to an old version of “18” you can tell the difference in sound. Their vocals sound more mature on LIVESOS.

The album also includes “Disconnected” from their “She Looks So Perfect” EP and making a live version of it makes the song more powerful because the crowds sing along to the song.

The recorded version of “She Looks So Perfect” was good, but the live is even more impressive. Also, one of their songs off of their self-titled album that did not disappoint their fans is “End Up Here.” At the moment when Irwin sings,”I’m a six and she’s a ten,” it is where it is impressive and breathtaking because it’s clear to see how much the band is growing up and maturing.

They added a variety of types of songs like “Amnesia” that slow down the album, which make LIVESOS different from other. Also, in this song Hood’s vocals are outstanding and this live version shows the talent in all of the four boys is phenomenal. As the album goes on it starts back up with an upbeat song and their fourth single “Good Girls” off their self-titled album. Kids under the age of thirteen should skip since it is an explicit song about how good girls actually are bad girls, but is one of the best because it is the most energetic, especially the ending where they all sing the last chorus.

The album also includes a live version of “Teenage Dream” by Katy Perry which is one of the most memorable moments because they have been performing this cover for the past two years and it is a highlight for old fans. It is also great for fans who want to see this cover live, but couldn’t since they have stopped singing it, so this provides a chance to hear it. The album ends with a studio version of their cover of “What I Like About You” by The Romantics which is also the album’s lead single.

This album gives people who didn’t get to go to their concerts, or just can’t afford them, a chance to see and feel what their concerts are like. It is like having a mini-concert in your room singing and dancing along to the album. They are kind of similar to One Direction, but they are not because they all play an instrument when they are performing.

After listening to this album, I felt really happy because you can hear the fans singing along and screaming their name. One of my favorite off the album is “Everything I Didn’t Say.” It is my favorite off the album because it is way different to the studio version. The thing that make the album really stand out is that you can picture everything going on as you are listening. What also means the album stand out is that since the album was recorded in different venues you can hear the difference of audience.

I will give this album an A because it is really nice how they want their fans to feel like they are at the concert. It is also because doing this is showing how much they care about their fans and don’t want them to feel left behind. Fans like me who never been to their concert will feel happy that they have a live album because you can hear the difference between a studio version and live version by listening to it.

People who shouldn’t listen to this album are people who don’t like listening to the same song from their EPs and people who don’t like the difference of audience and people who don’t like upbeat energy shouldn’t listen to this album.

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