2014-2015 Arts Student Life — 19 December 2014

By Terri Tu & Shihua Liu

OHS’s Winter Orchestra Concert 2014 took place on December 4 at 6 p.m. in the theater. Despite practicing for a long time, David Byrd’s student musicians said that the concert was nerve-racking for them.

Musicians wanted to show off their talents and how much progress they had made throughout the school year in the Winter Concert.

Oakland High students have gotten notifications from Oakland High’s staff and teachers. The staff invited students to join the Orchestra concert.

The concert had musicians that were in the orchestra, guitar, and jazz groups. Orchestra started out with a smooth beginning. Then the Guitar group dazzled on the stage on their performance in the middle of the concert. Jazz ended the concert.

“Some musicians were nervous about performing,” said freshman Angie Nanphosy. “They were either afraid they might have made mistakes and ruin the concert or stage fright. This shows that the Winter concert were highly important to them.”

“I was nervous at first,” Nanphosy added. “But after, the concert made me felt calm and relieved because when I actually performed, it made me feel great and proud, it was like an accomplishment.”

However, not every performer felt ready.

“I felt like the performance needed more practice,” freshman Jocelyn Huynh stated. “I was playing the piano and it had no microphone for the piano so people can barely hear me playing, although, it was a great show, everyone had shown up with their talent and that’s what all mattered.”

Although the audience was only a few families and about 20 students, overall, it was still a great show,” Nanphosy said.

Byrd has taught music class at OHS for only two years. “I thought the concert last year was as great as this year’s, but I think it also needs improvement,” said Byrd.

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