2014-2015 Slider — 18 December 2014
The Aegis Asks: Police Cameras

By Raven Gann & Jason Kim

Photos by Sunny Dhivar

The Aegis Asks: Would it make a difference if police officers were required to wear body cameras?


Sam Banker, School Security Officer

“I think it would be good for accountability’s sake. Although I don’t think it should be required by the government. I know that Oakland police officers in some respects are supposed to wear them, because it is a high profile city. I believe that some police officers are good people and we should reward them for being good people.” 


Jenny Clark, English Teacher

“Yes, I think it would make a difference, but I don’t know how big of a difference. By having everything more transparent, it should change behavior.”


Counseling intern Elfa Tesfai. Photographer: Sunny Dhivar

Counseling intern Elfa Tesfai. Photographer: Sunny Dhivar

Elfa Tesfai, College Counseling Intern

“It might to an extent make a difference but as we can see in the news there was an incident where a young gentleman was video recorded and there was no indictment.”


Evelio Banegas, OHS Senior

“I would say no, because they will see it as a viewpoint of the officer you can easily side with the officer. It only makes only a small amount of significance because you do get to see what was happening.”


Emily Macy, History Teacher

“While I think it will make cops more careful in their actions, the most recent case shows that it really doesn’t matter, because the incident was recorded and no indictment was made.”


Abby Pagan, Student Teacher

“I definitely will think it will make a difference, because people always act differently when they know they are being watched. “


Aya Allen, English Teacher

“I think it could make a difference because it would make it clear cut with what police officers are doing.”


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