2014-2015 Slider Student Life — 04 November 2014
Yes on Measure BB

By Allison Truong

Measure BB would improve public transportation systems by taxing the people who would take the bus by a little more. Cities everywhere are trying to make buses and transportation improve. Measure BB will supposedly build a safe and comfortable environment for bikeways in town, which will allow neighborhoods to be pleasant from your home to anywhere like to school, shopping centers, and other important destinations, without worrying about cars. It would also add taxes to the entire Alameda county.


Bicycle advocacy group Bike East Bay writes, “We like to think the BB’s are for ‘Better Bicycling’ but they also are for ‘Better BART,’ ‘Better Buses,’ ‘Better Boots’—walking, you get the idea.”
I support this measure because I also use public transportation, like most people in my neighborhood. I feel as though Oakland and Alameda’s public transportation systems need work, because Oakland and Alameda Country are included as my neighborhood. I also feel as though if it cost less, more people would take BART and buses, but that seems to not be the case.


Although the bus fares have already increased a lot more since 2011, I think the new bus fee will be an improvement. The measure would decrease the bus fares for disabled persons and students.


Instead of just a random change in bus fees, if this measure passes, the bus fare fees will be changed for a reason. People in neighborhoods will not have to worry about being endangered by buses around them, because essentially this new higher fee will make buses and transportation better. There will be safer and faster buses for transportation, so that is why we have to pass this measure.


“I think that Measure BB should pass because the first big change in bus fare was irrelevant, because no one knew what the extra money was used for. I use public transportation, and I feel as though this money would make public transportation faster and more efficient,” said Libby Chuong, a freshman.


Nobody likes to pay taxes. People nowadays are paying fewer taxes for gas due to much better mileage on almost all the cars on the highways, yet our transportation system still must be at its best. We can help do it in Alameda County with a “yes” on BB.


A past measure tried to do the same thing, but failed. Measure BB is similar to the 2012 measure. We need this measure.


The voting for Measure BB is soon, on November 4. Spread the news to people in your neighborhood by making small posters and campaigns, because we need this measure to pass! Measure BB is a must.

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