2014-2015 Student Life — 13 November 2014

By Imani Clayton

Tardy sweeps are a long-used method used to get students to class on time. Schools worldwide use this method every day.

Teachers lock their classroom doors to keep students from arriving late to class. Students caught in tardy sweeps will have to face a consequence such as Saturday School or detention.

Oakland High assistant principal Shoshana Towers says that “students not being in class affects  them, academics-wise.”  It also affects students’ learning time and puts students behind in their school work. Students can fail classes because of work they did not complete for a class.

“Conflicts and problems happen between other students when students are not in class,” said Towers. “Staff have a big part in making sure students are in class on time. Staff are also in charge of making sure fights and violent activity do not break out”.

“Tardy sweeps happen to work as the method has been being used for 15 to 16 years at many different schools,” said Towers. “Students also happen to get to class on time. Some students who don’t really care about getting to class on time may consider going because of the tardy sweep rush.”

Administrators agree that tardy sweeps are successful and useful to students who care about getting to class on time and being at school.

Students’ reactions to tardy sweeps aren’t so good. In fact, many students believe tardy sweeps aren’t such a good idea.

“It sucks, nobody wanna be in there, it’s boring,” said OHS junior Sir Michael Avery. “It’s stupid because it’s taking away our education, when instead we can be in class.”

Junior Cherish Henry agreed that sweeps don’t help, saying, “some students don’t care about the consequences of tardy sweeps.”

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