2014-2015 — 21 November 2014

By: Rodolfo

California Proposition 45 will be voted on November 4. I’m against it. I read an article by Terri Tu and Libby Chuong, which stated that Prop. 45 will increase the prices of health insurance and will become unaffordable.


If Prop 45 passes, “health commissioners will get too much power over health care” according to http://stophighercosts.org/, and could mean people have to pay more for health insurance. I don’t know why would California voters should vote on Prop. 45 while Obamacare is working.


Obamacare is also another health insurance plan that was approved months ago so why would people vote on Prop. 45 to improve health insurance? A lot of residents in California struggled to get Obamacare to improve their health so residents should not have to go through that torture again.


Since Prop. 45 increases the price of health insurance, California residents who can barely afford health insurance (before November 4) will be unable to afford health insurance if Prop. 45 passes.


“Prop 45 lines the pockets of the people who put it on the ballot and leaves the rest of us with the bill. That’s why doctors, nurses, hospitals, clinics, and labor unions like SEIU have strongly opposed this measure,” said Robin Swanson, a spokesperson for No on Prop 45 stated in



According to Oakland resident Jorge Plata, “Prop. 45 is a bad idea because health commissioners will get too much power and will hike up the price which will lead some residents without health insurance that had health insurance before.”


Most people will disagree that prop 45 can help residents to improve their health systems. It is true that prop 45 can improve health systems. “Prop 45 will stop the price gouging by requiring health insurance company to be transparent and publicly justify rates before premiums can increase. The same regulation of auto insurance has saved drivers billions,” according to http://www.voterguide.sos.ca.gov/en/propositions/45/ in the arguments section. About 30 years ago in the 1980’s, prop 103 was about the same thing but it was for auto insurance which saved drivers billions of dollars. California voters will think the same will happen to prop 45 like prop 103 30 years ago.


Can we fund prop 45 so we can make it affordable? I think prop 45 will risk our money since health commissioners will get crazy with power if we vote yes. Vote no to prop 45 if you don’t want to spend a lot of money that makes you go broke.

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