2014-2015 Student Life — 21 November 2014

By Shihua Liu

Measure BB is trying to make public transportation more safer, but it doesn’t really solve problems that most people have.


According to  the Pleasanton Weekly, “Measure BB is a Developer Bailout. Measure BB allocates $300 Million for ‘Transit Oriented Development’ (TODs) projects. TODs are high density development areas around transportation centers. Developers are already making millions from the high density housing in TODs. Instead of requiring developers pay for the transit related development around their projects, Measure BB has the taxpayer bailout the developers.”

I don’t support this measure because Measure BB is bad for the cities with high sales taxes. It would raise the percentage of the sale tax and many shouldn’t have to pay this because Measure BB won’t do any good for them. If Measure BB passes, citizens will have to pay an additional 1% in sales tax to support transportation. We already pay many  different kinds of sales tax like federal motor fuel tax, service tax, and others. I think citizens shouldn’t pay that extra 1%  transportation sales tax.The bus is already safe enough.


“I think measure BB will make everything worse because I think the bus is already safe enough, the bus prices are already high enough, I think passing this measure will create a extra tax called transportation tax, it doesn’t make any difference if accepting measure BB. ,” said freshman Rodolfo Sanchez, who rides the bus daily.


Measure BB will also hurt the poor and elderly by raising the percentage of the sales tax and add an extra sales tax to pay for. Many citizens have low incomes and they need every penny of their incomes to survive.  Now, sales taxes are increasing and low-income citizens need to eat more less and live in low-rent housing, which is a worse place to live, just to pay all these taxes!


Even though most people vote yes on measure BB, I still think that measure BB is not needed.


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