2014-2015 News Slider — 21 November 2014
Rockets make a splash

Rockets fly in annual Physics-class tradition

By Raven Gann & Sunny Dhivar

Sophomore Thinh Bui releases a rocket on Rocket Day 2014. Image credit: Raven Gann

Sophomore Thinh Bui releases a rocket on Rocket Day 2014. Image credit: Raven Gann

On November 14, all of the student in physics class launched their rockets they had created in class on the football field, because it is a part of their marking period two grade.

The physics students built rockets over a course of two weeks. While building their rockets they learned about pressure, Newton’s three laws of motion, and projectile motion. The size and shape of the rocket launchers vary depending on what each student felt the was the best way to build it.

All of the students’ rockets differed in size, weight and shape. Their rocket launchers were assembled with PVC pipe, glue, duct tape (if desired), and Tee Soc joints.

Some students decided to duct tape tennis balls to the top of their rockets to make their rockets more weighted to fly better. Some students made the top of their rocket into a cone shape so it became more aerodynamic.

Students had fun watching their rockets fly across the football field. Sophomore Irvin Malagon said, “My rocket went 40 yards; rocket day was really fun and I will do it next year.”

A day before their final launch the students tested their rockets. Some were excited to see how how far their rockets went, but others felt discouraged.

Students whose rockets did not fly that far felt the encouragement to better their rockets. Sophomore Luis Mata said, “I was nervous when my rocket didn’t go as far in the dry testing but then when I saw other groups struggle, I had the motivation to fix mine”

After, students will be tested on their knowledge about Newton’s laws, projectile motion, and pressure when they give presentations in front of their physics class. The presentations will include their results from Rocket Day.

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