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By: Raven Gann


Due to unethical behavior from the Oakland city council, Oakland calls for a boost in funding for its ethics commission. Measure CC, on the November ballot, would allow the ethics commission of Oakland more funding to hire staff and conduct thorough investigations.

In March of 2013 the Oakland city council interfered with administrative affairs, thus bringing concerns about the council’s ethics. The city responded by proposing Measure CC which would give the ethics commission a revenue raise. They would receive up to $500,000 on top of what they already have per year in order to hire sufficient staff and to conduct thorough investigations.

The people of Oakland need to have a safe environment and they cannot get this if their council is corrupt. The lack of good judgment made by the council affects its city’s people. The people rely on the council to make good choices for the city to keep them safe. The ethics commission promises that more thorough investigations will take place due to the revenue increase it will see if the measure passes.


Some people may argue that we should not rely on an organization that has not been effective and productive in its earlier years. However, the commission was not doing well before because it did not get the proper funding it desperately needed in order to meet the standard. We should not blame the ethics commission, because the city should have given the money to do these investigations in the first place.

People who want the city to have proper ethics and to have a better environment should vote for Measure CC. This will improve the ethics in our city and make it a better place.


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