2014-2015 Student Life — 22 October 2014

By Raven Gann and Thomas Godfrey Jr.

New students entering a new district during a the school year have to go through a lengthy process in order to transfer to a new school, because that is what the districts demand.

The process to transfer to a new school in another district includes withdrawing from the student’s most current school, going to the new district which they want to transfer to, getting assigned to a new school according to your transcript, and receiving a new schedule for the new school. The withdrawal process includes giving back the current school’s textbooks, getting grades from teachers, and paying off any fines a student owes to the current school.

Once at the new district in which the student will be attending, they must provide immunization records, a transcript, and proof of their new address. Then, the student will be assigned a new school. If the student is registered to a school that is far away then the district must provide a means of transportation. This means that the student will be given a 31-day bus pass. The student must go each month to the district to obtain a new bus pass if they wish to continue this transportation, according to the Oakland and Hayward School District.

Senior Thomas Godfrey, Jr., transferred to Oakland High School from Rafael High School and describes the process as easy. He also said he had a good first day of school and the teachers were helpful.

“Although the district office was packed with tons of teens, parents and children trying to solve their own problems, the process was easy,” agreed senior Melanie Flores, who transferred to OHS her junior year. “The staff was friendly and helped me with everything I needed help with.”

If there are a large number of students transferring, then transferring to different schools will become difficult. This would keep kids out of school for longer than needed, but according to senior Raven Gann, the staff at the district were very friendly.

“The only problems I had were with my old school,” said Gann. I had trouble getting everything I needed from my old school to get moved to the district and to a new school. The staff at the district helped me sufficiently and quickly.”


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