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Prop would expand gambling in state

By Shihua Liu and Allison Truong


Proposition 48 asks voters of California to approve or reject the gaming compacts with the North Fork and Wiyot tribes. According to Ballotpedia, a YES vote approves the law that approves the agreement, and allows the proposition to go into effect; a NO vote rejects the act and disapproves the agreement.


If approved, this proposition will grant gaming compacts, which are designed to allow tribal and state governments to come to a business agreement, with the North Fork and Wiyot tribes. As a result, North Fork would be able to construct and operate a new casino in Madera County and would be required to make various payments to state and local governments, Wiyot, and other tribes.


If the proposition is not approved, that will mean that the state’s compacts with North Fork and Wiyot would not go into effect. As a result, neither tribe could begin making new casinos unless the new deal is approved by the state and federal governments.


“Gaming is fun and addicting,” said Muoi Ngo, a California voter. “I think that if this proposition is approved, there will be a greater chance to win money, but it will certainly not guarantee someone a new job.”


Prop. 48 critics argue that the action of this proposition could lead to Las Vegas-style casinos in neighborhoods, while some supporters say its defeat could threaten a yearslong effort by an extremely poor San Diego County tribe and Barstow to bring gaming to the economically struggling San Bernardino County, according to the League of Women Voters of California.


In 2012, Governor Brown tried to make a compromise by discussing the agreement with the North Fork Rancheria of the Mono Tribe. Gov. Jerry Brown and the state legislature then approved a gaming compact with the North Fork Rancheria of Mono Indians, which the federal government accepted. This compact allows the tribes to acquire tribal land in Madera County, approximately 38 miles from the tribe’s reservation, and to build a casino and hotel on it.


Supporters argue that Prop. 48 could benefit the people in California by having more casinos that could make people happy, create jobs, and gain money for the state.


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