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Car crash takes out bus stop
Google Streetview image of the bus stop. Image credit: Google.

Google Streetview image of the bus stop. Image credit: Google.

By Sir Michael Avery

On Sept. 1, a driver crashed into a bus stop and a wall near Oakland High, scaring students at the bus stop.

“At 8:25 a man in a car come out of nowhere,” said sophomore Harold Jackson, adding that the car “started to come down Park Boulevard, coming really fast at the students. My life was on the line. I could have died!”

The crash broke the bus stop sign off the ground and it flew and landed by the sidewalk. The car ran into the wall and broke the axle off the wheel. The driver got out the car, looked at his car, and then tried to drive away.

Two mechanics ran across the street from the oil changer to help the driver back out of the car and set him down to get help. Meanwhile, this journalist was walking to class thinking about how if the car had hit him, it would have changed his life.

“I had jump out the way,” said Jackson. “I stayed there to see if the man was okay, and then I was headed to class, and that’s my story.”

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