2013-2014 Student Life — 09 June 2014

An OHS senior reflects on the night

By Sokunthea Muth

Oakland High seniors and a few junior dates attended Senior Ball on Saturday, May 31, at the Mission Paradise Banquet Hall in Hayward, Calif. Many teachers and OHS staff were there as well, along with one security guard and about six police officers who later helped escorted our prom just in case students may get into trouble at the end of the night.


Prom is a night where you get to go crazy and have fun with all of your friends on the dance floor, but I really didn’t care about dancing; all I wanted to do was to get dressed up and be fancy for prom portraits.That was only reason why I went to the senior ball, but after I took my pictures, I did got the chance to dance to about 4 or 5 songs.


“I had a fantastic time with my date!” said Laney College student Danny Sat. “It was worth the wait for the portraits although we didn’t get to dance as much.”


It was extremely hot as my prom date and I waited for our photos to be taken. Some students who were in line were complaining about the heat as well.


As we waited, all we could hear was loud music and students screaming and shouting, having the time of their lives while they were all dancing with one another. I could see all the joyful faces from teachers and students and it was great to see everyone having a good time.


“People told me to go to prom because I might end up regretting it [if I didn’t go],” said OHS senior Alasha Blacksher. “So I did [go] and I thought it was ok. It wasn’t something I expected because I thought more people would have showed up.”


Like Blacksher, I expected that prom would be overcrowded, but there were still a good amount of students who attended. I’m glad that I chose to go because it was a great experience having fun with everyone else.


I wasn’t pleased about waiting in a photo line two hours, but I still thought it was worth the wait and I cannot wait to receive my prom portraits! Everyone looked so gorgeous and beautiful that night–even the OHS staff.

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