Commentary Student Life — 12 May 2014

Heat wave hits Oakland High hard

By James Hoang

A blistering heat wave increased the temperature of OHS to nearly unbearable degrees from April 29 through May 2, with students and teachers suffering from it.

The heat wave caused the students and faculty of OHS to swelter on campus. Their clothes were practically glued to their skin by their own sweat. Students and faculty complained as temperatures passed 80°F, and moved into the 90s.

“The last two days were miserable,” said Carlos Padilla, head counselor of Oakland High, on day three of the heat wave. “I tried to open a window in my office, but all that blew in was hot air.”

Some students brought cold drinks to school and hung out in the shade as means to cool off. Others students dressed in light and thin clothing so they wouldn’t overheat. These methods partially worked, but the students still suffered from the tormenting heat. Stepping outside made the students feel like they were getting an unwanted suntan.

During P.E., the students were conserving energy during the exercises since the heat drained their energy. The students who were not exercising, which was about half the class, were drinking cold drinks, such as AriZona and Gatorade, and sitting in the shade.

While most people are being tormented by the heat, some people don’t mind the heat. Oakland High principal, Matin Abdel-Qawi, was born and raised in New Jersey where the temperature often reaches the 90s.

“I love the heat,” said Abdel, “I feel more energetic in the heat.”

The heat wave ended on Friday, May 2. Although the heat wave lasted for 4 days, for some, the heat wave seemed to have gone on forever. Many people in school were glad that the heat was over. Students wouldn’t have to bake in the heat and the school faculty can focus on their work. Now the school can stay cool.

(Note: Expect another heat wave starting on 5/12.)

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