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“Goat Simulator” isn’t that baaaaaad after all

By: Julie Cheam

The “Goat Simulator,” released on April 4 by Coffee Stain Studios, is possibly one of the most ridiculous games any individual gamer can come across.

Coffee Stain Studios began the “Goat Simulator” as a joke after their published game, “Sanctum 2” in early January. Coincidentally after the “Goat Simulator” was released on April Fools Day, many PC gamers looked upon the game as a joke and non-reliable. Coffee Stain Studios then posted a Youtube video of the gameplay and it received over a million views in just two days. The game mechanics after all are impressive and worth a try.

The “Goat Simulator” is a third-person perspective game where players control a goat who causes nothing less than total destruction to every object and being within the map. Destruction? And goats? It wouldn’t seem like your typical game where a goat prances around while a rainbow descends from a blue sky. It turns out, this game is beyond the expectations of a normal simulation game.

Ridiculous Physics

Unlike typical simulation games where physics match the physics in reality, the “Goat Simulator” defeats the purpose of that intention and instead, throws in some insane physics that’ll probably have gamers leaping out of their chairs into non-stop laughter.

Scratch out the chicken. So, why did the goat cross the road?

He obviously didn’t cross the road like any other normal goat. He was ragdolled–thrown limply through the air–by a truck, a car, and possibly the road itself (not like that’s actually possibly since the road is still). Surprisingly afterwards, the goat manages to survive. That, folks, is strange yet a part of the game that most gamers would have a laughing fit about.

Can goats do backflips in reality? Maybe not. This game defies that logic and allows goats within the game to attempt  successful backflips (while at some point goats may leap into a human’s house, shattering the windows). If this were reality, it would be awkward to see a goat approach a house and leap through the window; that obviously isn’t normal at all.

Level Up Goat Sir/Ma’am

While playing the actual game, gamers will come across a little red ring that appears handdrawn with a few humans standing around it. In the middle of the ring, there will be a goat waiting for its opponent. In any case, you are the actual opponent whom it will fight next. The moment you step into the ring, you will fight against that goat.

What’s so different about typical goats butting heads or horns? The use of the goat’s almighty tongue.

It’s an almighty tongue that can literally stick to anything and anyone. This makes leveling up much more easy because players can simply toss the goat out of the ring without having to keep ramming their horns into their opponent. It’s no fun to keep hitting a goat like that, right? Wrap your tongue around your opponent and swing ‘em away. Your goat will then level up into a tougher-looking goat after defeating numerous, stronger goats within the fighting ring.

Upcoming Expansion

After hours of playing the “Goat Simulator,” players may grow tired or bored of being a goat. However, there will be an upcoming expansion which will include different maps and goats. Players will not have to experience the same map every day. They will be able to experience new environments that may include different objects to destroy.

The expansion date has not been released yet, so players will not be able to determine what maps they will encounter. However, the best part so far about this expansion is that it will be free, according to Coffee Stain Studio’s recent post on their twitter page.

Regardless of how repetitive ragdolling the goat may seem, it is a relief of stress for many gamers. There are so many different ways to cause mayhem within the “Goat Simulator”; it’s an endless game of destruction. If there are gamers who are easily bored after hours of gameplay, the “Goat Simulator” will give them a fun experience. For players who anticipate ragdolling fun, the “Goat Simulator” is the perfect game.

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