2013-2014 Photo Essay Student Life — 11 April 2014

25 years after the invention of the Internet, it’s hard to imagine high-school life without it

By Aegis Staff

25 years ago this week, British computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee proposed a new system of computer communication which became the World Wide Web and created the Internet as we know it today. Today, the Aegis staff traveled through the school to examine how the Internet affects daily life here at OHS.

Michael CarterSecurity guard Michael Carter said “It’s 50/50. It helps people and is kind of bad in a way. Then again, the Internet can be used for anything. … People can’t live without their cell phone. And on my free time I like to check out shoes, Japanese anime, and new movies.”

Aegis staff members Katie Bith, Julie Cheam, Alex Dip, James Hoang, and Sokunthea Muth contributed to this article.

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Lara Trale teaches Journalism and English at Oakland High School. Ms. Trale has been the faculty adviser to the Aegis since 2008.

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