2013-2014 Arts News — 11 February 2014
iPhone 5s offers significant improvements

By Hlal Al Ani

The iPhone 5s, which debuted in September, is significantly different from the old iPhone 5. The iPhone 5s offers fancy colors: space gray, silver, and gold. The iPhone 5s also has an ID touch function which is a fingerprint password that allows access to the phone.

A photo from the Apple website shows features of the iPhone 5s. Image credit: apple.com

The iPhone 5s provides two flashes and a bigger eight-megapixel camera that can take up to 20 pictures per second–an increase from 5 pictures per second in the previous phone.  Another feature, Chip-8, helps the battery life for the iPhone 5s last for up to 10 hours of use, unlike the iPhone 5 that has Chip-7 and only lasts for 8 hours.

The iPhone 5s is been known all over the world, making it one of the most popular smartphones worldwide. As of July 2013, more than 40% of US smartphones ran on Apple’s iOS operating system; more than 50% of US smartphones at the time used Google’s Android platform.

The iPhone 5s is simple to use, even for those people that do not know how to deal with other smartphones. Moreover, the 5s supplies features like ID touch and the iTunes Touch ID purchase, which allows people to purchase apps and movies.

Teens and kids want to buy the iPhones more than other phones. The new iPhone 5s has a similar appearance, apps, and games to the previous iPhone 5.

The iPhone 5s could’ve been better if Apple had included wireless charging and a laser keyboard. Some users wish that the 5s looked substantially different as well.

Still, I personally recommend the iPhone 5s over the iPhone 5, but ultimately believe that any iPhone is a good investment. These are great phones for people fourteen or older, since iPhones are very sensitive and easy to break. They are attractive, easy to use, and provide tracing software to help recover a phone that is stolen or lost.

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