2013-2014 News Slider — 21 January 2014
Snow and cold attack East Coast

By Sokunthea Muth and Minnie Nguyen

The East Coast and the South suffered from major winter storms during late December and early January. The cold weather systems brought brutal temperature drops to the East Coast, leading to flight cancellations throughout the US.

According to the New York Times, the worst of the storm hit New York City on Thursday, Jan. 3, then it was over by late Friday morning, moving towards New England. People on the East Coast have been ambushed with problems concerning their safety and result to certain measures to in order to stay safe.

“First of all, I was in Chicago for a week and I got tons of snow,” said O-High English teacher Lizzy Vlasses, discussing her travel over winter vacation. “12 inches of snow total in two days! My flights got delayed and when we went to fly back from Chicago to California, it was negative 15 degrees outside.”

The harsh weather caused thousands of flight delays and cancellations nationwide according to CNBC. About twenty percent of the flights in New York City’s LaGuardia, New Jersey’s Newark and Philadelphia were canceled, according to the site. The JFK international airport prepared for hundreds of cots to accommodate stranded travelers.

Students at OHS have family and friends that are affected by the snowstorm, from being snowed in and unable to leave shelter, to being forced to stay on the East Coast and unable to leave their house due to the unsafe weather.

“The love of my life is freezing to death right now and I’m worried sick about him,” said freshman Katie Bith, describing her boyfriend who lives in Providence, R.I. “It’s negative two degrees where he is right now!”

In contrast to the storm in the eastern part of the United States, California and much of the rest of the West Coast is suffering from a drought.

“California appears to be in its third straight dry winter,” wrote weather.com meteorologist Chris Dolce. “88% of the state is experiencing severe droughts in Chicago shiver from the harsh weather and bundle up in many layers of clothing. Despite the snowstorms upon the East Coast, students in California have been experiencing warm, sunny weather ght and 28% of the state is in extreme drought.”

Oakland High School students are sporting shorts and t-shirts while studen conditions, with January temperatures as high as 70 here in Oakland.

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