2013-2014 News Slider — 04 October 2013
World takes action on Syria


Syria agrees to destroy chemical weapons

By Alex Dip


On Aug. 21, the Syrian government used chemical weapons on their own civilians, killing 1400 Syrians which led to a global outcry of numerous countries, including from the United States and Russia.

    On Sept. 10 the United States declared that our military would intervene and intimidate Syrian leaders via airstrike if the Syrian government did not give up their chemical weapons to another national.

    Russia and their president, Vladimir Putin, had convinced Syrian leaders to give up the chemical weapons the Syrian government had hidden. The Syrian government and authorities plan to destroy the chemical weapons, ridding Syria of their chemical weapons and production facilities by the middle of next year.

    The U.S military still possess ships in the Mediterranean sea, surrounding the areas of Syria. Obama is letting diplomacy set in right now, but if the Syrian leaders make any suspicious moves or use chemical weapons again, he has stated that America will intervene.

    “Why would we intervene in a country that hasn’t conflicted with us?” asked Paul Smith, military veteran. “We should not be going into more countries that have nothing to do with the United States.”

    With the impact slowing down from recent events, the United States will be on the watch from now on, observing the actions of Syria.

Observers wonder what would happen if we do go into Syria? Will we cause another war? How much would that war take from us, since we already spend billions to keep our military lively?

    Americans are relating this event to unsuccessful actions in the past, where the U.S had gone into Afghanistan and Iraq for purposes of either terrorism or weapons of mass destruction. The US stayed in Iraq for 8 years, while we are trying to settle disputes in Afghanistan and take soldiers out of Afghanistan still. A minority think that the U.S. too, will send soldiers to patrol in Syria like in Iraq and Afghanistan, having soldiers die in pointless disputes.

    Syria has been in this own civil dispute for the last two years, killing 100,000 and more Syrians, while others are relocating themselves into the territories of countries willing to accept Syrian refugees. The number of refugees moving into other countries is reaching millions.

    “I am conflicted about the situation,” said Barbara Cone, American Government and Economics teacher here at Oakland High. “America should not intervene because of what happened in Afghanistan and Iraq. We do not need another war. We can not afford it. Yes, chemical weapons should not be used, but America should not be the only one to find a solution. It should be an international solution.”

When asked about how this will affect Oakland High and California in general, she said, “It would not affect Oakland High or California.”

As of right now, 19 chemical experts and 14 U.N personnel have begun their mission to monitor the destruction of the chemical weapons as they arrive at their Damascus hotel on Wednesday, October 2nd. The United States, Russia, and other nations are trying to find a solution to the mess that is the Syrian country. The civil war that began March of 2011 will not end until the Assad Regime and Syrian rebels find a compromise which experts say is unlikely.

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