2013-2014 Commentary Slider — 28 October 2013
Lil Durk’s latest success mixes truth and talent

Lil Durk Photo Credit: Allhiphop.com

By K-Hari Townsend

Lil Durk’s third mixtape, called “Signed to the Streets,” was just recently released on Oct. 10. The first week it was released on Datpiff.com, the mixtape received 100,000 downloads.

On Lil Durk’s mixtape he talks about how he was introduced to the streets and how the streets are where he originated. He talks about how he’s just trying to earn a little money off of his rap career, so why hate on him?

“I got cash and they mad,” Lil Durk says on a song called “Bang Bros” off of his mixtape, referring to his enemies in the street or just random people who have hate towards him.

What makes this mixtape different from other mixtapes is how Lil Durk talks about being in the streets. Other rappers talk about being in the street, but you would never know if they are telling the truth about what they are saying because they try to circumvent their

raps about street situations like drugs, gangs, and money. Most people would assume that they don’t know anything anything about street life or poverty in the streets.

Lil Durk bluntly explains how he has been in the streets. He doesn’t literally say what he does or did, but from what he says in his raps and how he says it, if you have ever been in the streets, you could feel exactly where he’s coming from. For example, in his song “Introduce Me” off of the mixtape he says, “grew up off lean and low-income,” which refers to cough syrup, which is commonly used as a drug nowadays, and low-income, which is saying he was barely receiving money.

The two songs that I thought Lil Durk did the best on are “Times,” because of how he talks about everything in time not being the same. The song personally touched me because I agree that the present day differs from 7-10 years ago when people were more together instead of people going around killing each other. The second song is “Don’t Understand,” because he says when the song begins, “I’m signed to this money, signed to my block,” which I think conveys the message of his mixtape, named “Signed to the Streets”.

Since I’m infatuated with beat-making I feel that there could have been more of an variety of beats simply because all of the beats that were on the mixtape were in the same area it seemed.

I recommend this mixtape to people who are looking for originality, realness, and just plain talent. Lil Durk, unlike most rappers, has more than one “flow” which is a rare skill; he has made himself thousands of people’s favorite rapper after this mixtape, including me.

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