2012-2013 — 06 June 2013

By:Dominique Dyer

A Senior’s Farewell to OHS

It’s been a long time coming. We’ve been through so much to get to this very moment. As the year comes to a close and we begin to reflect on these past four years, we look back on things that have gotten us here from remembering people who were here at the start and we lost along the way to those who we have gained and remain in our lives.

 I myself have spent three years here and I have no regrets, everything that I’ve been through to get to this point has made me a stronger, wiser, and a smarter individual, as well as preparing me for the world that i will be entering as a high school graduate of 2013!

Many of us are probably never going to see each other again but the years we’ve spent here will leave us bonded for life. Most of us have been through tough times with each other along with the good, from freshman year sitting in orientations and hearing the seniors at the time say, “Value these four years of your life; they’re going to go by faster than you think,” and thinking to myself, “No, it is not. I’m going to be here forever,” up until now, preparing to graduate and reminiscing on the great times shared with everyone. I never thought these high school years would go by so quickly, and that the ones I’ve spent them with would no longer be a part of my everyday life.

We will look back on these days and smile upon all the memories made and experiences we’ve encountered.

So many seniors are ready to lead their own lives and take on the world that we’ve been preparing for and so anxious to enter. Some of the graduating class are heading off straight into college while others are taking a hiatus from school and just want to relax and experience life.

Either way, some say life truly does not begin until you finish high school. Therefore, we are now at the end of the beginning of the rest of our lives.

So I say, congratulations to us, graduating class of 2013 !

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