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By: Yoshi Rodriguez-Takada

After a difficult season, the 2013 Oakland High Men’s Volleyball team finally picked up their first and only win.  Although the season only consisted of four games, the team put in 4 months of effort and practice into the game and practices.

“We worked hard and went through each player to help them out with their weaknesses,” said head volleyball coach Jimmy Tang. He said he was able to “help improve them to become players individually and as a team.”

With many seniors leaving the team this year, many of the underclassmen will need to take place of the graduating players next year.

In this season there were eight seniors on the team, making up about half of the squad.

“Volleyball has become a popular sport,” said Tang. “In the recent years, there has been an increase in players every year, so the need of players is no longer becoming a problem.”

It’s not just the seniors who powered the team; many of the newcomers on the team contributed just as much as any player.

“I felt great,” said first-year player Alvin Saelee.  “I felt relieved because I [had] been waiting a long time to be able to play.”

Although the season was shorter than most sports, the team had just as much bonding and fun as any other team.

“I feel sad that the seniors have to go,” said Saelee.  “They make up most of the team and are the most spirited in the team. I will miss them too.”

The boys had a difficult season, losing to San Lorenzo, Castro Valley, and Scotts Valley, but managed to pull through in their final game to get at least one win for the season against O-High’s main rivals, Oakland Tech.

Hopefully by next season, there will be more teams in the OAL or Oakland will join with another Bay Area league so that the Wildcats will see more competition.

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