2012-2013 — 16 May 2013

by Elijah Williams

This year at Oakland High School, Pi Day was very large and celebrated. What is Pi Day you ask? Pi Day is on March 14, because March the is third month, which makes the date 3/14 like the number 3.14 … or as you may know the number from math class, pi.


The San Francisco Exploratory takes credit for organizing the first Pi Day in 1988. Pi Day is also Albert Einstein’s birthday and on March 12, 2009, the U.S House of Representatives passed a resolution making March 14 National Pi Day.


OHS math teachers wrote two hundred digits of pi on the whiteboard. For every ten numbers a student memorized after fifty, he or she received five points of extra credit. Math teachers also taught little lessons on pi and such but when students heard extra credit they started putting digits in their heads


One student in Phillip Grebe’s Geometry class memorized 320 digits of pi.

This year for some reason,

students who don’t even like math recited hundreds of digits of an infinite number. Grebe saw the future and told teachers at a staff meeting

that they should not get mad at him if students were mumbling numbers in the middle of their classes. That’s exactly what students were doing all Thursday and Friday until their math class came.

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