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Students’ sightless stroll

Physiology students pose during a blindfolded walk on April 16, 2013. Image credit: Javier Lenida.Students walk blindfolded for science lesson

Javier Lenida

In early April, Physiology teacher Suzanne LeBaron blindfolded her students and took them outside to practice relying on their senses of smell, touch, and hearing instead of seeing.

“It was a really good use of class,” said LeBaron, adding that students wrote a reflection in their notes. She said that students definitely gained knowledge about what life would be like if they were blind and had to depend upon their other senses.

In my experience of doing the blind walk, I felt trust in my partner. Being blind was very confusing; it was hard to recognize people just by voice. Even when I thought I knew my surroundings, I didn’t.

“It was cool walking blindfolded. I would do it again,” said Carmen Murillo, a junior. “At first I didn’t have much faith in my partner,” she said, adding that he was too playful and made her worry that she might run into something.

LeBaron said that when a student does a blindfolded walk, it tests their ability to remember without seeing. It can take a person a while to remember where she or he is walking when blindfolded. Students learned that the surroundings they’re in can be very difficult to walk in when you’re blind or blindfolded

Students commented that it is important to know where you and your partner are going when you can’t understand your surroundings.The job of the seeing partner is to guide the blindfolded partner around and to let them know where they’re going. When pairs are climbing down the stairs, the seeing partner lets the other partner know to watch out for the steps. However, some students found out that their partner is hard to work with.

“I learned when there’s goofy people around, you can’t hardly trust them as your partner,” said Murillo.



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