2012-2013 — 16 May 2013

by Elijah Williams

One of the new hot movies that’s out and that everybody is seeing and wants to see is “The Call.” This movie, starring Halle Berry, is quite the suspenseful thriller with twists you would never suspect.


Halle Berry plays a police dispatcher by the name of Jordan that gets a kidnapping call that changes her life in a way that makes her quit her job and train dispatchers.


Six months later, she is training a new dispatcher on a call when the new dispatcher starts freaking out and doesn’t know what to do. It’s a kidnapping call; Jordan takes the call herself and tries to help a teenage girl (Abigail Breslin) that has been abducted and is now in the trunk of the kidnapper’s car.


Through most of the movie, Jordan is helping the girl leave clues to her whereabouts, as well as keeping the girl calm while in this crazy situation. After all the leads are dead ends, she is told to go home but stays and plays the recorded conversation over and over and finds detailed clues. Oddly, she does not tell anyone and takes matters into her own hands, driving  to one of the locations of an old lead and finds herself locating the girl.


There is a twist that almost nobody saw coming and it will surprise you too when you see this great little thriller with a great cast and effects.          


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